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Artwork and Story by David Mishalainie

going back through existing documents, the flamingo now seems to have been a visitor, like an apparition marooned or caught between plateaus.

if it is of our world, and more-so if it originates from beyond, then surely it is a matter involving bombergirl and the mechanic, our heros, as these things go, it found them as one injured seeking finds aid.

unexpectedly a strike was launched by intergalactic forces conspiring against the bird – here it would be indiscreet to undertake to explain the complexities of this relationship (it is already well-documented); suffice it to say, it was abducted by said mysterious legion.

now our heros, learning of the treachery, and with bittersweet vows of vengeance, made haste in discovering their perpetrators' whereabouts. what they encountered has been well-documented, so, to avoid redundancy, we shall merely indicate that the space-station was skillfully located, gained, and breached; not exactly unnoticed, they accessed the Core via service shafts; their exploits inside the alien vessel are legendary, involving a brawlish battle to the las of countless hundreds of opponents – the fallen were like decks of cards scattered about as bombergirl and the mechanic walked across the deck of the station's Core-chamber, to our flamingo's containment apparatus.

what many of records neglect to mention, however, is that, upon its emancipation, rather than re-join our fearless duo's company, it did not recognize them, and startled, flew off.






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BirdBombs by Misha Townsend


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